Una Brennan: Mattifying Moisturiser

Superfacialist Tea Flower Mattifying Moisturiser

Superfacialist Tea Flower Mattifying Moisturiser £12.99 is aimed at troubled, oily skin and contains salicylic acid. This is almost like a cream/gel hybrid, but the texture does work well on days where my skin is more oily. 

I honestly don't think there has ever been a skincare product that I've been more 'on the fence' about I'd say this product for continued use (every single day) is probably not a good idea as it can be quite drying. But for times when your skin is looking a little spotty and needs a quick pick me up, this one will certainly help to clear everything up. 

My skin was recently having a little crazy moment and decided to break out on me after a quick panic I reviewed my skincare and stripped it back to basics (Cleanser & moisturiser bye bye oils/serums) all of the moisturisers I currently own are aimed at dehydrated skin I wanted something aimed at troubled skin que a quick scrambled in my basket of unloved/unused products. When I first  purchased and used this product it did sadly get a thumbs down. I discontinued it, in search for a moisturiser that would provide more hydration. 

But boy did this clear my skin! This helped clear up the spots and also stopped the under skin spots (eek). Within a week, my skin seemed to have calmed down an awful lot, and the only product I changed was moisturiser so i do feel the credit is down to this. 

Downside to this? Oh man the smell is bad (I am pretty particular with smells)  this has a pollen smell (hay fever suffers will get me on that one) for none hay fever suffers think nettles (nettle,flower extract & watercress are all on the ingredients), grass,leafs I sound like a mad woman but this really does smell dodgy. Thankfully the smell doesn't linger. If you can get past the awful smell this really is a great moisturiser. 

Have you tried any Una Brennan products? 


Maha Maven said...

I definitely want to check this out! I have been looking for a mattifying moisturizer for a while. I've gotta find this in the States

Anonymous said...

Hiiii ,
I dont know if I could because you've already been nominated and then you nominated me but I've re-nominated you for a Liebester Award haha!! check my recent blog on www.lovefromsimmie.blogspot.com for more details. thank you xxxx

Rinica Warner said...

Aww I feel like I've been a bit mean with this post as I think Una Brennan is exclusive to the UK it's really odd as the brand itself doesn't have a main website, I think this is a relatively new brand though so hopefully she'll expand across shores...in the meantime I think there's a few sellers on Ebay who ship this :).

Rinica x

Rinica Warner said...


Thanks for re nomination lol :) ill have to check out your post
Rinica xxx

Laura Beeney said...

I suffer from really bad oily skin with breakouts, i might have to try this product.
Lovely blog, followed!

Rinica Warner said...

Hi Laura,

This might be worth a try this seemed to work better when my skin was more oily :) doesn't keep you matte all day but this certainly is the best oil controlling moisturiser I've tried :) ...plus boots have this on offer a lot at 7.99! :)

Thanks for the follow :)
Rinica xx

Emily Knott said...

I LOVE this face mask! It is such a quick fix! Really helps with breakouts!


Rinica Warner said...

Hi Emily,

This is the moisturiser I have, but I so wanna get my mitts on the mask I hear great things!
They've recently released a vitamin C radiance range as well....can see another trip to boots coming on lol

Rinica x

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