Nude was not a brand I was to familiar with before my blog reading days began. Since then a few of there products have earned cult status in the blogging community (Nude miracle mask anyone?) I checked out what NUDE had to offer, and a toner was a stand out product aimed at combination/oily skin, with ginger extract and cinnamon this product claims to reduce congestion and balance oily skin...

I'd read the reviews and done a lot of research on this product as I always do with skincare. Sadly this was rather disappointing, this felt like glorified water. This was just really meh, in my opinion a toner is meant to remove any bits of dirt and grime that your cleanser didn't quite get rid of but this well, this just didn't do anything. It didn't brighten, it didn't remove make up. Take a cotton wool dampen with tap water and you'd pretty much get the same effect this toner gives! Owee...harsh moving on.

Not pictured here as I've used it all up I actually got quite a generous amount of this I used my sample for around 4 weeks. And within that time I noticed a huge difference in my skin. This can be a little to rich when my skin was leaning more towards oily, but for the times when my skin was a little more dry I was super impressed my skin was nourished, and looked a whole lot brighter this is definitely on my wish list when my Origins Ginzing runs out...

My oh my, my world will literally end when this runs out (drama queen much) my skin absolutely loves this stuff. My previous experience with facial oils hasn't been to fab, most seem to break me out. I think there's some apprehension for people with combo or oily skin about using facial oils, but I can honestly say its one of the best things I ever incorporated into my routine. My skins actually been looking a lot less oily. I occasionally use this in the day time I mix a tiny bit with my Origins Ginzing (see review here) and this leaves a lovely radiant (not greasy!) look to my skin. At night I use this as a treatment. This diminishes flaky skin, has helped to lighten up my hyper pigmentation and my once dull skin is so radiant. When this runs out I truly will be gutted as the price of the larger bottle is just madness! 

Have you tried anything by Nude? Does anyone know of any good dupes for the Nude pro genius oil?  

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