Bee Good 2-In-1 Cream Cleanser*

Pardon the pun, but over recent months Bee Good seems to have created quite a buzz within the beauty community. After researching the brand, reading countless reviews I made my Bee Good wish list. I was very fortunate at the beginning of June to be contacted with an opportunity to try the Bee Good cream cleanser* and since then I've very much fallen in love with the brand. I'm a huge supporter of British brands who locally source ingredients for products and have strong ethos. Bee Good seems like a transparent brand, what you see is what you get. This Hampshire based skin care company started in 2008 at the kitchen table of Simon and Caroline (husband & wife.)  With Simon's experience as a beekeeper, and Caroline's interest in honey and beeswax, the brand Bee Good was launched. All of the Bee Good skincare line uses British honey (known for it's antibacterial and moisturising properties.) Propolis (skin protecting/healing properties) and Beeswax (a natural emollient that reduces water loss.) Bee Good are firm believers in ethically sourced ingredients from British Beekeepers and even donate a percentage of all profits to the British Bee keeping Association. As a brand they are pretty much squeaky clean all products contain no parabens, silicones or sysntheic colours. Oh, and no animal testing (whahey!) 

Priced at £11.50 for 100ml, this creamy cleanser won't break the old bank balance, the price point is actually a little cheaper compared to other cream cleansers on the market. The packaging is just beautiful yet simple, with mini Bees and Union Jack flag it's very much a true representation of the brand. The cream cleanser is housed in a squeezy tube, I know the majority of people would probably prefer a pump but I personally prefer a tube. I find this way I can see how much product I have left and can easily reach any last scraps (you can cut the tube and get more uses from it!) 

Having sensitive combination skin that's oily but sometimes very dry I do struggle to find skin care products that truly work for me. Over the years though I've found that cream cleansers work best with my skin type. The Bee Good cream cleanser has slowly become a firm favourite of mine and I just know it will be a staple in my skin care routine for months to come (I like to stick with skincare products that work!) This smells truly divine, this has a similar scent to the Nuxe balm (if you've ever smelled that.) I do find the smell super uplifting on tired mornings. Instructions say to apply this to dry skin, although I've found if my hands/face are a little damp I can work the product in a little better. Massaged in and removed with the muslin cloth (this is included with the product) my skin looks a little brighter and feels thoroughly cleansed. I alternate between muslin cloth and my good old Primark flannels. 

I find that this cleanser is effective at removing any last scraps of makeup, but to remove the main bulk I would recommend using another cleanser/micellar water as I didn't find this removed makeup very well on it's own (especially eye makeup.) I always recommend double cleansing anyway to thoroughly remove makeup so this wasn't a problem for me. After cleansing my skin feels softer and super hydrated. If you have combination/dry skin you'll find this cleanser super moisturising, it manages to be moisturising but doesn't leave any residue on the skin. If your skin is leaning more towards the oily side you may find this cleanser a little too rich, although it may still be worth a try as quite often oily skin is also dehydrated and adding hydrating products can do it the world of good (that's what I discovered!) 

So, yes I think this ones a keeper (bee keeper) I'm already getting a little low and I always know how much I enjoy a product because the worry sets in. I will definitely be buying this cleanser once this one runs out as I've enjoyed using this and my skin seems to love it.

Have you tried any products by Bee Good? I'm thinking of ordering their Cleansing water anyone tried it? 

*PR Sample 

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