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HealGel Eye Cream

HealGel Eye Cream

HealGel Eye Cream

If you read my ‘Eye creams I just don’t get’ post you’ll know that I’ve never really found my perfect eye cream. I do feel like it’s an essential part of my skin care routine. And my eyes always appear a little puffy/tired looking without it. I do stick by my original statement about the term ‘anti-ageing’ in skin care; I personally think ageing is all down to our genes not what we slather on the surface. But rant aside in an eye cream I look for a lightweight formula, something hydrating that reduces puffiness and creates a nice base for concealer. HealGel Eye cream* pretty much ticks all of the boxes. 

There seems to be lots of positive reviews online for the HealGel products (their face serum is currently at the top of my ‘to try’ list.) but I haven’t heard much about this eye cream. The first thing I noticed is packaging. I love the pharmacy look HealGel packaging seems to have, it’s very old timey and I quite like the simple feel it gives the products. I must say big thumbs up to HealGel for placing this eye cream in a pump bottle its way more hygienic than the tubs most eye creams seem to come in. I also find myself using less product as half a pump pretty much covers both eyes –so it’s a win win really! 

When I first used this eye cream, I just wasn’t sure how I felt, however I must say it certainly grew on me. I started to notice the biggest difference on the days I used this and the days I didn’t. Concealer creased more; my eyes looked puffier, so I do think over time this is an eye cream where you notice a difference. The texture of this is gel like with a clear consistency and its fragrance free (perfect for sensitive eyes.) When applied this feels really refreshing, hydrating and cooling on the under eye area. This also felt ever so slightly tightening, similar to when you use a firming cream. How this differs to other eye creams I’ve tried is how quickly it absorbs, this felt like it instantly absorbed into my skin, it seemed to drink this stuff up. I personally think it’s down to the hyaluronic acid. This does a fantastic job of hydrating my under eye area, but with its lightweight texture and with how quickly this absorbs it really is a winner. I like to apply my eye cream after toner and before my day cream, so it really does take the chore out of eye cream when you don’t have to stand around waiting for it to absorb! 

As I mention above this creates a lovely base for concealer and I do find creasing is kept to a minimum with this eye cream. It’s also worthwhile mentioning my eye area is super sensitive I have to be careful with mascaras, eye shadows and eye creams as I always seem to get super puffy irritated eyes if I use something that doesn’t agree, the HealGel eye cream works fine and doesn’t irritate my eyes.

So, the downside here is price. At £32 for 15ml it’s more than I personally would spend on an eye cream but I must say I really do think I’d miss this if it wasn’t a part of my skin care line up, cost per use evens out too as you do find yourself using the tiniest amount each day. If you do however want an investment eye cream for sensitive eyes, one that reduces puffiness, hydrates and instantly absorbs then the HealGel eye cream may be for you.

Have you tried any products from the HealGel line? What are your favourite eye creams?

P.S If you’d like to read more about Heal Gel as a brand click here

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