Topic 13: My Summer Bucket List

For Topic 13 of the #2014BloggerChallenge we were asked to put together a summer bucket list, this isn't something I've done before but I quite like the idea of having mini personal goals for over Summer- 

1. Read 10 Books
I love reading, I truly have always been a bookworm at heart. Lately though not so much, I find myself making excuses too tired, no time etc etc but then when I actually sit down with a good book I can read for hours. So this summer I'm stopping with the excuses and getting back into reading. Ten books seems like a realistic goal.

2. Pass Driving Test 
Driving isn't a skill that's come easy to me (my fearful driving instructor would quite happily agree.) Although I've had lessons longer than most people I have to admit for me it's been more of a confidence issue. However my test is booked, I'd love to pass by the end of Summer. Keep your fingers, arms, legs, toes, feet, eyes (basically everything) crossed for me! 

3. Learn a New Skill
So I could say learn Japanese or learn how to contour but lets be realistic they'll both take a lifetime. Over the summer I'd really like to get into D.I.Y, specifically beauty products. I really want to have a go at making my own body butter. 

4. Introduce Some Healthy Snacks
I say I'll do this every year (and fail) but equipped with my new blender I'd love to whip up more smoothies, prepare more fruit salads and get a little creative with some healthy snack alternatives. 

5. Say Yes 
I'm a no person, I'll quite happily agree to something and talk myself out of it all within a split second. Through the summer I want to learn to just say yes more, yes to after work drinks, yes to summer BBQ's/ wedding invites. It'll be a tricky one but something I am keen to try.

6. Get back on my bike 
I write this one half hearted. Last summer time me Vs bike didn't end too well (read I flew off it and almost got hit by a tram, oh and I had swollen face for weeks.) I'm accident prone and a little clumsy anyway but when you add a bike into the equation bad thing's are sure to happen. After nursing many a bruise/cut last summer I finally think I'm ready to get back on my bike and take on those famous Sheffield hills. And what better time with the start of Tour de France -pedal power!

7. Book On a Day Photography Course 
There are tons of discount photography courses I've noticed on Amazon/Groupon in my local area. Outside of the blog I really enjoy photography I would love to develop and learn a little more about my camera.

8. De Clutter 
This one is well over due and although it may seem like a bit of a boring one for the bucket list we all know the saying cluttered room cluttered mind. I really want to clear off my desk space so I can spend more time typing posts there, as my back seems to have gotten severely worse since bloggingor perhaps it's the bag 

9. Go to the zoo 
Such a small thing but I keep saying I want a day at the zoo, and god help me this summer I'll get my day in the zoo. I'll be honest I love the Zoo, I love seeing all the animals. I know I sound five but there's just something about the a day out at the zoo it makes me happy.the small thing's ey. 

10. Enjoy France!
I go on holiday this month (woo) and this year I want to enjoy it to the fullest. No stress (easier said than done.) 

What's on your Summer bucket list? 
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