My In-Flight Essentials

It's love. Now I know we're not here to talk about by bag (more it's contents) but I pretty much legitimately think I'm in love with it. I picked up this rucksack (from Debenhams) for hand luggage but I've pretty much used it every day since. My arms have been less achy and my back has hurt less so there's definitely a few pros's to carrying a rucksack. Such a simple design but I love it. 

On holidays/travelling you'll pretty much find me glued to a book. I've packed 'Paper Towns' by John Green, I haven't heard much about this book but I'm looking forward to giving it a read (maybe I'll report back if it's any good!) 

For the plane journey I've also packed this cute notebook. I can't remember where I bought it from (helpful) but it's super cute, it's filled with illustrations and if you look in the right hand corner there's a little bunny that changes as you flick through (I'm easily impressed.) I use this to jot down any idea's or thoughts mainly blog related. I plan to jot down a blog schedule for August. 

Where there's a plane there's air con, and where's there's air con there's germs! The Carex Anti bac gel in Strawberry laces will be on hand. It smells yum and gets the job done. I also pack some wipes, for some reason I always seem to end up spilling drinks or dropping food everywhere (can't take me anywhere) so sometimes a gel won't cut it hence the wipes. I've also packed a teeny tiny hand cream by Superdrug, it'll keep my hands dry without leaving them greasy. 

You may have noticed there's no skincare or beauty. That's because quite frankly I can't be bothered! Even on long haul flights I'll never be the type of girl to go in with three different masks and facial mists as I just find it's a little unnecessary and from previous experience it generally isn't that effective. You add all this moisture for it to be sucked back out by air con. I do however usually buy a can of deodorant or Impulse at the airport to have a quick spray on landing. Other than that it's pretty much a beauty free zone (sorry guys!) 

The exciting part. Food. I usually pack a jumbo size of crisps (the bigger the better) it's junk it's unhealthy but it keeps me full (plus crepes and boozy nights await there really is no point now.) I also pack a bag of sweets usually Haribo and some gum. Oh and a big bottle of water (self explanatory.)

What are your in-flight essentials?

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