Travel Skincare, Body & Hair

So after showing you what's in my travel makeup bag, it only seemed natural to show you the skincare, body and hair products that also made the cut. I actually find cutting down skincare a lot harder than makeup as I'm so addicted to my serums/oils and various treatments - 

Skincare Bits

Without fail I always take my Clinique Three Step. Clinique are brand I know works well with my skin so it's my fail safe option when it comes to travel.  The weather will be hot, sticky and humid so reaching for products that lean more on the antibacterial/clarifying territory will help keep my skin clear and a spot free zone. 

For treatments I've packed two masks. An old favourite the Origins Drink Up Mask. I won't harp on about this too much but I plan to use this the night after travelling to add a much needed dose of hydration to my skin. I've also packed the Origins Clear Improvement mask this will soak up any excess oil and if my skin gets spotty it'll be a good mask to have on hand.

For makeup removal I've packed the Clinique Take The Day of Balm, it removes makeup effortlessly and I can't be without this stuff (that tubs getting dangerously low!)


Every year I purchase the Clinique face cream in SPF40 (also has UVA/UVB protection.) It's none greasy, doesn't make my skin oily and doesn't clog pores. This doesn't leave a tint or make my skin tone appear ashy. It's a perfect option for super sensitive skin. For body SPF I usually opt for those clear invisible sprays, but over recent years (and a whole lot of burning/prickly heat) I've decided that suncreams are the way forward. This one by Soltan was cheap and cheerful. It seems non sticky and absorbs pretty well so I'll be looking forward to seeing how this performs on holiday.

Body & Hair

For body care I've packed a Radox shower gel they're cheap as chips and smell a-mazing. I usually take cheaper body products as that way I can dispose of any product left at the end of the holiday to keep weight down and avoid any spillages.

For evening I don't usually bother with Aftersun as the majority I've tried are sticky and a bit meh. (I would however recommend Aloe Vera gel for irritated skin.) I picked up the Vaseline Cocoa Body moisturiser, despite the name it's pretty lightweight easily absorbs and smells great.

So peely skin, it ain't happening. I've packed this S&G flake away scrub to help keep dry skin at bay.

Again another one I seem to purchase every year but the mini Herbal Essence Beautiful Ends range keeps my hair super shiny and soft. I also have a couple of sample hair masks by Ojon I'll use these when my hair is in need of something a little more intensive, chlorine and sun reek havoc on my hair.

What are you holiday essentials? What skincare items can you not be without?

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