Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in 'Hot Pepper' & 'Ole Flamingo!'

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet

Bourjois seem to be the drugstore brand of the moment, admittedly I haven't tried much, however their lip products on offer have been well and truly explored. I'm a huge fan of their chubby sticks, glosses and shine edition lipsticks. So when I saw the new Bourjois Velvet matte lipsticks it was only a matter of time before I caved, here's my thoughts-

Products often receive a lot of hype within the beauty community and more often than not I'm always left a little underwhelmed - this wasn't the case with the latest Bourjois range. Liquid lipsticks from the drugstore are hit or miss but Bourjois seem to have got the formula just right. Despite having 'matte' in the title these lipsticks feel super moisturising on the lips, they're easy to apply as they have a satin texture on application and they're not sticky in the slightest. Some liquid lipsticks have a tendency to slip/slide on the lips but again not the case here, give it five minutes and they dry down matte leaving a lovely bright pop of colour on the lips.

The shades I picked up are 'Hot Pepper' and 'Ole Flamingo' I also had 'Pink Pong' but I appear to have lost it on a night out (poop.) The lip colours I have (as you can see) are pretty bold/bright so if a loud pout isn't your thing it may be worthwhile checking out the more neutral shades in the collection. With drugstore lip products you're often left with a bright lip that's well and truly worn away by the end of the day- not the case with the Bourjois Matte lipsticks! These stay around for such a long time, like a really long time through eating and drinking they didn't budge at all. The only downside to this long lasting formula is that the removal process can be a faff. I take a cotton pad with micellar water (yes it's that tough to remove) and gently remove from my lips I like to go in heavy with a lip balm after as my lips are often left feeling a little roughed up.

Have you tried the Bourjois Velvet Matte lipsticks? Anyone excited for the nude collection they're realeasing later this year?

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