#BigBlogmasproject2014 #12 Christmas DIY Inspiration

So, how are we almost at the half way point with Blogmas? Crazy times, the fact that there's 13 sleeps until Christmas fills me with a sense of panic … I'm so unorganised. I'm not going to lie I struggled so much with today's topic, after racking my brain for the past two weeks I still had bloggers block. DIY, is definitely not my forte. I'm rubbish at making thing's, heck I'm even rubbish with flat packed furniture - it once took me almost four hours to build an office chair (true story.) It's surprising really as my mum is absolutely fantastic at drawing, sewing and knitting sadly those skills don't seem to have been passed on to me. Instead of sharing something I wasn't 100% happy with I thought I'd use today's post to promote three Christmas DIY posts that caught my eye over the past few weeks -

This would make the perfect gift for beauty lovers, for some reason I absolutely love the look of this mint sugar scrub. Something about this looks super festive, and I can imagine the mint smells incredibly refreshing.

Who doesn't love hot chocolate? This DIY hot chocolate kit has everything you'd need for the perfect hot chocolate. I've seen similar items in store, but this would make a lovely gift this Christmas. Even better you could put together your own DIY winter warmer kit, inside you could include this hot chocolate kit, a mini hot water bottle and some Christmassy PJs. 

A sweet treat without any added calories. Stuck for Christmas stocking ideas? Why not make these hand made macaroon coin purses, they are super cute and would a lovely gift this Christmas time.

Sorry guys that this post was a little on the short side, I feel like I may have lacked a little creativity on today's content but as I mentioned above I really did struggle to think of ideas. I hope you are enjoying my Blogmas posts so far, thanks to anyone who has read, shared, liked or commented on my posts it means the world to me and really does brighten up my day. 

Are you a fan of DIY at Christmas? 

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