What I Got For Christmas...

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas, and feels refreshed and ready for the New Year.
I loved seeing all my family and friends, for me that's the main thing I love about Christmas (food follows.) If there was a year where there was a ban on buying each other gifts it really wouldn't bother me it's not what Christmas is about (for me anyway.) Today I thought I'd show you some of the gifts I  received this Christmas, no matter how small or big a gift is I always appreciate anything I receive (it's the thought that counts.) I worry about writing posts of this nature as it can be seen as bragging, or materialistic but as I mention above spending time with my family far outweighs any gift I could receive -

Liz Earle Orange & Mint Cleanse & Polish (limited edition) - I'm a huge fan of the original C&P I can't wait to try this limited edition offering.

Nature's Origin Shower Gel & Body Lotion (Moroccan Oil and Sweet Orange Blossom) - This isn't a brand I'd heard of before but the products smell absolutely lovely. The Moroccan oil is super hydrating.

Other Body Products I Received - Superdrug Coconut and Lime Body Butter, Boots Extract Body Butter in Brazil Nut (this smells incredible) , I Love … Mango Shower Gel & Coconut Body Butter,  S&G Hand Food,  S&G Clean on Me & Orangeasm Shower Gel.

Tickets for Swan Lake Ballet- My Dad well and truly surprised us with this gift. Me and Mum wanted to see Swan Lake but the tickets sold out so fast, my Dad surprised us with two tickets to the January show. This was one of the first shows/ballets me and my Mum ever saw when I was younger so we are looking forward to seeing this again. The show is so magical and the live orchestra sound amazing.  I'm so excited, me and my Mum don't get to spend much time together so I really can't wait.

Slippers and M&S Dressing Gown - So I've pretty much lived in these slippers since opening them, warm, cosy, pure comfort - you know you're getting old when you appreciate a good pair of slippers.
I'm also loving my new dressing gown, it's just super soft and really good quality. My current one had a massive hole and just wasn't wearable. I feel like such an adult my first 'proper' dressing gown, no teddy bear ears or cartoon prints.

Perfume - My favourite signature fragrance is Chloe (the original) so I was super happy to have a restock as my current one has literally just finished. I also received my second favourite fragrance Elizabeth Arden Untold, I receive so many compliments from random passer bys when I wear this fragrance it's such a distinct unique scent unlike anything in my collection. Super fresh and perfect for Spring/Summer.

A TV - Totally unexpected. Santa bought me a TV!  Mum and Dad truly did spoil me this year. I haven't ever had a TV in my room, I've always watched thing's on my iPad or Laptop. But as my Mac Air doesn't have a DVD drive I have to watch the majority of my Dvd's in our living room. I can't wait to have this set up, it's perfect for when my bf stays over too.

Babyliss Elegance Pro 235 Straighteners - Over the past few months I've abandoned my Ghd's in favour of an old rickety pair of Babyliss straighteners *health and safety alert* they were literally falling apart but sellotape at the ready I continued to use them, I was addicted to the finish I achieved. My hair holds a style for longer, and it just left my hair so shiny. Mum and Dad replaced my old Babyliss this Christmas with a new shiny pair that work just as beautifully on my hair.

I feel like everyone put so much thought into my gifts. I appreciated everything I received and felt truly blessed to have such wonderful family/Friends.

What did you get for Christmas?

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