#BigBlogmasproject2014 #4 Christmas Decoration Wish List…

Decorating my home has to be one of my favourite aspects about Christmas. A fond memory from my childhood is my father picking me up to place the angel at the top of the Christmas tree, we usually make putting the decorations up a family affair with us all taking part and as a child I always felt like I had the most important job in the world by placing the angel at the top of the tree. For topic 4 of the Blogmas project we are supposed to be sharing a decorations wish list, which is a topic I wasn't really sure about as I don't really lust after decorations over the festive period. Although the pictures above are lovely, and I've always admired houses like this from afar (lets face it they are dream worthy) I've always taken huge comfort in the old, tacky decorations that we own. Although some people love this look, I always find the colour co-ordinated decorations that look all sparkly and new lack character.

Every year we send my Dad up to the attic (there's spiders in there) we have a massive box of decorations that have survived generations. We have items my mother made as a child, items I made as a child, decorations that have been in our family for almost 30 years. They don't match, or look sparkly and new, quite frankly some of them are plain ugly but the majority come with a story. Although it sounds cheesy I take such comfort in our decorations and although some may see them as tacky or old I love them I don't feel like Christmas would be quite the same without them. They add a touch of character to our house and always provide a conversation starter when we have visitors. There's something about seeing these decorations up that makes me feel all warm/fuzzy inside the kind of fuzzy that no new, sparkly, colour co-ordinated decorations could ever bring me. So for that reason I've never really wished for anything different hence my lack of  a wish list in this post.

How do you make your home look festive? Are you a little OTD on the decorations like my family or more minimal?

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