#BigBlogmasproject2014 #10 Men's Gift Guide

Men's Gift Guide

I don't half struggle with the boys come Christmas time. I always feel like my gifts for girls are a lot more exciting, I mean boys must get sick of pants, socks and body wash surely? Although Christmas isn't about the presents (at all) I can't help but feel sorry for all the boys on Christmas morning, today I thought I'd share some gift ideas for men. This year I'm saying no to pants, socks and deodorant and saying yes to creative gift ideas that the boys in your life will love - 

New trainers - Because there's nothing quite like opening a box fresh pair of trainers on Christmas morning. 

Headphones- If your fella/dad/brother likes listening to music why not treat him to a new pair of headphones. Dre Beats are top of the bunch for sound quality but Sony, Skullcandy and Panasonic are equally good. 

New Clothes- Why not treat the men in your life to those new jeans/jacket/shirt he's been eyeing up. Every guy needs a good quality shirt, jeans etc in their wardrobes. 

A New Watch - Is he always late? Why not treat him to a new timepiece. I'm always surprised at the range of prices with watches there some lovely ones at £50 and over you can actually find most brands cheaper on Amazon or Ebay too. 

And a few more … 

Shaver /  Aftershave / Belt / Wallet / Camera / A Game (if he's anything like my BF he will appreciate this!) / PS4/Xbox / Sportswear 

Sorry that this post is a little shorter than the norm I did have a mind blank moment when thinking of gift ideas for guys, so if you have any ideas be sure to leave them in the comments below!

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