#BigBlogmasproject2014 #14 Christmas Nail Art Designs …

…That make me wish I was better at nail art!

Oh how I wish I had more patience with nail art, I really do try but in all honesty I always end up with stripes or dots (well you can't go wrong with stripes and dots ey.) Today I thought I'd show you some festive designs that have made me want to crack out my brushes and give nail art another try. Unfortunately I can't seem to find the original source for three of these images (which is a shame as I'd love to see tutorials!)

Most designs are red or green but I love that this person has chosen mint green, something that we generally only see in Spring. This design still has a festive feeling, the snowman looks like it may have been a press on, but if this is drawn on look at that neatness #nailartgoals.

The second design is from the lovely Stephanie Eva (here is the post.) Stephanie's blog is one of my absolute favourites to read she has a great mix of beauty/lifestyle posts and her personality really reflects through her posts - a quality I love in a blog! I was super happy to hear she was taking part in Blogmas, and even more excited when I saw a post full of pretty Christmas nail art designs. I love the 3D texture effect with this design, it just looks perfect and again oh so neat. If you're reading this, please come and paint my nails for Christmas they're looking rather unfestive at the moment.

For the longest time I've loved polar bears, I don't think we see them enough in designs at Christmas. I absolutely love this design it's just so pretty and so so cute. The blue marbled effect nail polish is such a pretty shade too.

Is it just me or has this year been the year of the Christmas Pud? I've seen the Christmas pudding design everywhere, even more so than in previous years. Personally though I'm not complaining despite absolutely hating Christmas Puddings I love the design it looks super cute.

What nail art will you be sporting for Christmas?

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