#BigBlogmasproject2014 #3 A Festive Lip For £1

Makeup Revolution seems to have taken the beauty world (and blogosphere for that matter) by storm with their low prices and various dupes of higher end products they're certainly the most talked about brand of 2014. Now, if I'm honesty I was a little sceptical of this brand to begin with, I mean how can a brand really have such low prices? But after carrying out a little research the ingredients in MR products are pretty much identical to most drugstore products, reassured I decided to pick up a few products from the brand including this lovely lipstick in the shade 'Reckless' that I'm going to share with you today -

Without sounding like a snob I didn't expect much from a £1 lipstick, but I'm actually pretty impressed with this formula so much so that I actually think it's comparable if not better than most £7 lipsticks you can buy in the aisles of Boots. This lipstick is incredibly moisturising on the lips, if you prefer a matte bold lip it may be worth bearing in mind that this formula does leave a plumped glossy look to the lips which I can imagine won't be everyone's cup of tea. Unlike some moisturising lipsticks I have tried in the past this doesn't stick to my teeth, slip/slide or look messy on the lips, it's surprisingly easy to get a near perfect finish applying this straight from the bullet. This formula doesn't cling to or emphasise dry patches on the lips which is brilliant for this time of year when my lips lose all moisture! 

In terms of longevity it's fair to say that no lipstick £1-£40 is going to last all day on the lips. That's just a fact. However, I was pleasantly surprised that this lasted 3-4 hours on the lips within this time my lips looked exactly the same as when I'd first applied the lipstick, after the four hours this dried to a stain. So perhaps not the most long wearing lipstick in my collection but for £1 and for how easy this re-applied I'm happy to report that my views still remained rather positive.

'Reckless' is the perfect shade for the ladies out there that want to rock a red lip that's still incredibly wearable for both day and night. This shade is the perfect balance of berry hues and red making it my most worn lipstick of the season. Makeup Revolution is a fantastic brand for people who might just be starting to build up their makeup collection or for people like me who enjoy experimenting with makeup but don't want to fork out a fortune. Let's face it we've all been there £20 lipstick that stays unworn in a drawer somewhere. 

So, there's your festive lip sorted for £1 bargain! I'd love to know what your favourite red lipsticks are? What are your favourite products from Makeup Revolution? 

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