#BigBlogmasproject2014 #5 My Reading List

I must firstly apologise for the lack of Christmas spirit in today's post. Topic 5 of Blogmas saw us writing about our current reads and unfortunately there doesn't appear to be anything Christmassy themed on my list. In fact this topic actually got me thinking, I don't I've ever read a Christmassy themed book (as an adult) so if anyone does have any recommendations please do let me know (I don't mind a bit of cheese with it being a Christmas read an all!)

If you saw my 'Summer Bucket List' post, you'll know that I set myself a goal to read more over the summer, unfortunately I failed miserably. My reading list seems to keep on growing (especially as I'm a slow reader) so today I thought I'd share with you the books that are currently on my reading list. I absolutely love crime, thrillers or horror books so the majority fall under that category. A lot of these books are gritty and do contain some violence (I'm familiar with most of the authors) so I don't think any of these books will be for the weak hearted!

Mandasue Heller - Respect

Stuart Macbride - Broken Skin & Close To The Bone
I've read my fair share of Macbride books now, I can't wait to get stuck into these two. I find Stuart's books chilling, page turning and incredibly gripping. The chapters are usually pretty long but I still find myself having to read on. There's a certain familiarity with his books they all have the same set of characters, something I love with books.

Suzanne Collins - Mockingjay
Having seen (and hated) the film I'm hoping the book won't be equally disappointing. I usually like to read books before seeing the movies but seen as I discovered the Hunger Games series pretty late on I've ended up doing the latter. Fingers crossed for this one.

Tess Gerritsen - Last To Die & The Killing Place

Laymon - Beware Dark Mountain 

Karren Rose No One Left To Tell 

Peter Robinson - Children of The Revolution 

Mo Hayder - Poppet 

What's your favourite genre to read? What's on your reading list?

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