#BigBlogmasproject2014 #16 My Favourite Blogs!

Christmas is all about sharing the love, so what better time to tell you about the blogs I absolutely love. I keep the blogs I follow super organised over on Bloglovin, and all the blogs I mention in today's post have made it into my 'must read' group - I genuinely don't go a day without reading them!  I've left bloglovin links below so be sure to check out / read / like / comment on the lovely blogs I'm sharing with you today - 

I've happily followed Amy's blog for almost a year now, it's one of my favourite blogs to read. Amy provides a variety of content ranging from lifestyle, beauty and fashion there's always beautiful photography too. You can really tell that Amy spends a lot of time perfecting her imagery/content and this really reflects through her posts, I always find them so engaging to read.
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Emmi Hearts
Supporting a fellow Yorkshire blogger, but yes I absolutely love Emily's blog. Emily always has the most amazing photography I could happily scroll through her photography her whole blog is always so visually pleasing. You can tell that Emily is super creative through her writing and photography, I particularly like her lifestyle posts.
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Life, Set Sail 
Another fave, I'm a fan of Brittany's beautiful blog design its's so clean, crisp and easy to navigate. I know blogs are not all about pretty photography/design but they really are selling points for me. Brittany offers me a glimpse into beauty overseas, she often features Canadian beauty brands which I enjoy reading. Brittany's face of the day posts are also a favourite. They are always super wearable and easy to recreate using products that you already own which is what I look for with my beauty inspiration.
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Oh Andrea, how can one girl be so incredibly pretty what a babe. Andrea's fashion is so on point, even through her recent pregnancy she's still managed to always look incredibly stylish and so put together. Major fashion inspiration, whenever I'm feeling a little meh about my fashion I always turn to Andrea's blog for inspiration.
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Charlotte Christmas 
Charlotte's blog is a new discovery but one I'm really enjoying. Her photography again is beautiful, and her content is always so thorough and honest I really do rely on Charlotte for honest reviews on beauty products. It can be hard to find bloggers with a similar skin tone to myself so it's handy following Charlotte as I know we are a similar shade (base products.)
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Joli House
For fitness and healthy eating inspo I regularly read Lilly's blog. Now there's no denying she's my absolute girl crush Lilly has a cracking body all gained through diet and exercise - you can tell this girl works hard! Lilly's posts are always so positive and super refreshing an absolute pleasure to read through.
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The Sunday Girl 
I admire Adrienne on average you get 2-3 new posts daily on The Sunday Girl - this girl must be super organised. With so many posts you'd worry about consistency with the quality but Adrienne manages to maintain beautiful photography and great writing throughout every post. I love Adrienne's skincare reviews as we have a similar skin type I always know I can rely on her reviews.Bloglovin Link

Stephanie Eva 
I love Stephanie's post they are some of my faves to read. I actually discovered Stephanie's blog through a lovely comment she posted on my blog and I've followed ever since. It's really hard to let your personality shine through posts but Stephanie always manages to do this. I recently discovered that she also has a YouTube channel, she posted the most amazing DIY Starbucks Iced Gingerbread latte (it tastes amazing!)
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Who are your favourite bloggers?

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