2014 Beauty Favourites - Skincare and Hair

To follow on from yesterday's post I thought I'd show you my standout skincare and haircare products from 2014. You may notice that only two brands have made an appearance, the truth is as I mentioned in yesterdays post I'm very much a creature of habit, although I've tried other brands throughout the year the two brands mentioned in today's posts are ones I always see myself returning too. For skincare my skin benefits from consistency, I've found myself using the same products throughout the year and my skin has really benefited. As for haircare I find most products samsie, they all generally do a similar job so I've tried to include two products that ticked all the boxes and surpassed my expectation - 

Skin Favourites 

Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish - There's no denying this is my most repurchased cleanser ever. The Liz Earle C&P just works for me. It removes makeup, cleanses my skin and always leaves everything looking calm and clear. I never hesitate to repurchase this, and I always feel slightly on edge when I don't have a bottle in my skincare basket. Suffering with eczema/sensitive skin it can be hard to find products that don't irritate my skin but Liz Earle's natural, simple yet effective products seem to keep my skin looking healthy. 

Liz Earle Skin Tonic - I used to think toners were just an additional step that my skin didn't really benefit from, this was until I discovered the Liz Earle Skin Tonic. I'm on my fourth bottle, which says a lot as I never repurchase toners. Although some may try this an think 'is that all' I find the aloe in this toner leaves my skin calm, cool and refreshed. It's a perfect companion for the summer months but I also use this through the winter months, as unlike other toners this never strips my skin or leaves my skin feeling tight/dry.

Liz Earle Skin Repair Moisturiser - Similar to some of the other Liz Earle products I've mentioned this is another repurchased item for me, I'm currently on my second tub. This cream has an almost buttery texture but I find that this does such a brilliant job in terms of hydration, I only need the tiniest amount. I use this through summer/winter months (although I generally use the oily/combination version for summer.) This moisturiser never leaves my skin super greasy, and although it's pretty basic I find (similar to all Liz Earle products) my skin loves this! 

On a side note….It's not very often I find a brand that works for me in 2013 I was on and off with Liz Earle but in 2014 I've been more consistent and I must say my skin just loves the brand. Spots are kept to a minimum, my skin looks radiant and clear I really don't know where I'd be without Liz Earle. If you suffer with sensitive skin I highly recommend Liz Earle, simple yet effective products which is just what I want from my skincare. 

Hair Favourites 

When it comes to haircare I've always been a drugstore girl, however in 2014 I branched out and tried some more 'high end' products and have to say I haven't looked back. Although both of the products mentioned aren't the most affordable, they're both still pretty full and I've owned both for a year! So if you are thinking of investing in your hair in 2015 I highly recommend introducing some Ojon into your life. 

Ojon Rare Blend Protecting Treatment - The award for best smelling hair product goes too… yes there's no denying this smells incredible with a blend of Ginsing, Lemongrass and Honey this really is a treat for the hair. This multi use treatment acts as a heat protectant spray, detangler, and also helps to prevent damage and breakage. After using this my hair is smoother, shinier and more manageable. When I use this Vs when I don't use this I notice the biggest difference in the texture and finish of my hair. This hydrates and conditions my ends, you can use this on dry or wet hair it's just such a brilliant product and I wouldn't hesitate to repurchase.

Ojon Revitalising Mist -  So, 2014 was officially the year that I waved goodbye to frizz. I've tried so many balms, serums, oils and sprays in varying prices none of which have ever made a noticeable difference to frizz, especially in humid weather, however the Ojon Revitalising Mist does just that. This mist protects my hair in all environments, gone is the dreaded poof that my hair adopts in the warmer months. This feels conditioning in the hair without weighing it down, or making it greasy. It's very rare that I find a product that genuinely fights frizz but Ojon certainly haven't disappointed. And yes, again as with all Ojon products this smells like salon hair in a bottle. 

So there we have it my skincare and haircare favourites from 2014. Keep an eye out for my final roundup post, it will include my favourite drugstore discoveries from 2014 perfect for dreaded January which sees us all working to a slightly tighter budget! 

On another side note...Whether you are staying at home rocking a onesie or partying the night away I wish everyone an amazing New Years Eve I hope everyone has a safe night and rings in the New Year with loved ones. Cheers to 2015, let's hope it's a good one. 

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