#BigBlogmasproject2014 #8 9 Things I Loved Lately #6

If you follow me over on Instagram you may have already seen the pictures above, however I know there are probably (maybe) some of you who read my blog that don't follow me on Instagram. So for today's post I thought I'd show you a round up of '9 Thing's I loved lately' -

New Look Boots - Oh how I love these boots, I'm a big fan of chunky (workmen) style boots. I feel like this New Look pair instantly toughen up any outfit, plus they're an absolute dream to wear…oh so comfy.

American Horror Story- So who's watching Freakshow? I'm absolutely loving the new AHS, I'm enjoying watching the story unfold, plus I feel like it has been slightly less predictable than the previous series. Worthwhile mentioning season 1, 2 and 3 are all available on Netflix, I may have to re watch the seasons after Freakshow...I need my AHS fix!

Ed's Easy Diner - You know you visit a restaurant far too much when you're on first name basis with the staff, and have tried almost everything on the menu. I just can't help myself though I absolutely love Ed's this American style diner has a variety of burgers, hot dogs, shakes and desserts, certainly worth a visit! *If you are a fan of sweet potato you have to buy the sweet potato fries they taste amazing!*

Kurt Geiger Bag- Over the past two months this has been the only bag I've used purely for the convenience, this is just the perfect size looks are deceiving as I find it roomy enough for all my crap but not so big it causes shoulder damage. I love the croc affect textured leather and the gold detailing. Such a well made quality bag, I love it!

Gameboy Colour - Nostalgic moment or what. The past few weeks I've literally been glued to this bad boy, I'm not sure if I'm having some sort of attempt at reliving my youth but I tell you what I'm addicted! The games I'm loving are Tetris, Donkey Kong and Mario Brothers. I am such a big kid!

Muji Makeup Storage - I really didn't want to be 'that' blogger but after putting it off for so long I made my first Muji purchase, and I have to say so far I love! The acrylic storage doesn't get as dirty as I originally envisioned. I'm really happy with my makeup storage at the moment.

Buns/Baking - I usually reserve baking for Saturdays/Sundays but I can't seem to get enough of these muffins at the moment they don't look all that special but I put white and chocolate chunks throughout them and when they are still warm they taste so good (if I do say so myself!)

Midi Rings - Absolutely loving this midi ring by SIX. I really love the jewellery store SIX. There always seems to be one when I'm away on holiday but we don't seem to have one in the UK…yet. Their stores are great for unusual quirky jewellery I could look in that store for ages.

Liz Earle Super Skin Moisturiser Normal/Combination - I reviewed this over here a while back now,  I must say I'm still absolutely loving it this winter. It's perfect for when my skin is a little on the dry side it seems to keep my skin super hydrated.

What have you been loving lately?

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