#BigBlogmasproject2014 #6 Winter Pamper Routine (Hair, Skin and Body)

During the winter months I absolutely love a good pamper, so today I thought I'd show you some of the products that are currently in my routine - 

Now, no pamper routine is complete without a Lush bath bomb. I generally save Lush bath bombs for pamper nights, or when I'm in need of a treat. One of my favourite bath bombs is Butterball as it not only smells incredible but also hydrates the skin. When I saw they had released a Butter Bear bath bomb in their Christmas limited edition range I had to have it, I mean just look how cute he is. Butter Bear has the same incredible vanilla, coconut scent and still has the same hydrating properties as Butterball. This kind of coats the water with a layer of cocoa butter leaving dry skin super hydrated. I'm struggling to see the Christmas relevance but please add this to your permanent line Lush, it's too cute to be limited edition. 

I'm a huge fan of dry brushing, but during winter my skin seems to be a little more sensitive so I've been reaching for some of my favourite scrubs. S&G scrubs, and Lush Rub Rub Rub will always have a permanent spot in my bathroom cabinet. More recently though I've loved the Boots Extract Mango Sugar Scrub. This buffs away skin, and smells amazing. Although this fruity scent would probably be most suited to summer I'm absolutely loving how invigorating this makes me feel, the scent really wakes me up and my skin always feels silky smooth after using this, which does surprise me as I'm not usually the biggest fan of sugar scrubs.

Post bath I'm using a matching body butter, the Boots Extract Mango Body Butter. The scent is pretty similar to The Body Shop mango body butter, however I actually prefer the texture of this one. This rich creamy body butter melts into the skin instantly and leaves me feeling super soft and hydrated. Although this has a thick texture it never leaves me feeling greasy which is brill as most body butters normally do!

For my hair I've been using the Cynthia Sylvia Stout shampoo by Lush. This cleans my hair really well without leaving it feeling stripped, this also doesn't irritate my scalp. Although this does contain beer don't let that put you off as it actually has a fruity citrus scent that leaves the hair super refreshed. I love that this shampoo manages to leave my hair super soft and incredibly shiny (I'll be writing up a post in the new year with a few reviews on Lush haircare so look out for that.) After shampoo I like to stick on a hair mask, I usually like to apply this before my bath as I find the heat from the bath helps the mask to work harder. I'm usually cheap and cheerful in this category, I've been loving the John Frieda Miraculous Recovery Mask. This mask really hydrates my dry ends, this leaves my hair super smooth and I do find this makes my hair a lot less tangly, it's certainly a hair mask that I notice a difference with.

I normally complete my pamper routine with skincare. I love to take of any makeup using the Clinique Take The day Off Balm, this removes all traces of makeup without leaving my skin stripped it's a really simple effective product. I then like to apply a clay mask, I like the Origins Clear Improvement mask at the moment, I seem to be lacking on the clay mask front (read I own one) but I know I can always rely on this one when my skin is super congested. Once I remove my clay mask I apply the much loved Origins Drink up mask, this smells like peaches and does a fantastic job of hydrating dry skin. My skin always looks healthy and glows the morning after applying this, it will always have a permanent place in my skincare basket.

What are your favourite pamper products?

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