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Women's Gift Guide

With us now now officially in December (crazy) what better time to share my Christmas gift guide. Unlike previous years I decided to get organised with my gifts to spare myself the annual rush around on Boxing Day – trust me no one wants that kind of stress!  I’ve thought ahead and can happily say that I’ve already bought or have a good idea of what I’ll be buying my loved one’s come Christmas. However, if you are still in need of a little inspiration, or are feeling a little stumped on what to buy for the girls in your life my gift guide will hopefully give you a few ideas. The majority of the gifts mentioned are a range of prices, so there really is something for every budget -

For the bookworm

We all have that friend who constantly has her head behind a book, so what better gift to receive under the tree this Christmas time than a new read. This is something I’ve always appreciated myself as friends and family don’t always choose a book/author that I would necessarily choose for myself so it’s a great way to discover a new author or genre of book!

If you want to choose a book that’s more specific think about her interests if she’s a beauty lover why not treat her to a makeup manual such as Bobbi Brown’s or even Liz Earle Skin Secrets. Many brands now also offer a book/guide of some sort so it’s certainly worth looking into. For the fashion conscious why not pick up the Parisian Chic: A Style Guide especially if she enjoys blogs/street style this would be greatly received.

For the techy chic

Technology gifts are always thrown into the lads pile but I think plenty of girls appreciate techy gifts just as much if not more than guys (break the stereotype this Christmas!) For any girl with an IPhone (or smartphone)  portable chargers are a great stocking filler and although not something to get excited about it will certainly be their most used Christmas gift this Christmas (I wouldn’t go anywhere without mine!) You can pick up most portable chargers for £5-£10 and with an array of pretty colours you can’t go wrong, Ebay/Amazon has the best!

Sticking with the techy theme why not treat her to a Kindle/e-reader this would make a perfect gift for the girl that’s always on commute or travels a lot. You can get the older Kindle models for around £50-£60 but for an extra special gift this Christmas that will put a smile on her face go for it! (I do hope my Mum isn’t reading this!)

For the house hermit

I have no shame in admitting I fall under this category. For the girls in your life who would rather have a girly night in with a film, cuppa, and snuggly PJS why not spoil them this Christmas with some new loungewear. When I was younger this was always the gift I was always less excited about but as I’ve grown older I’ve really learnt to appreciate a good quality pair of slippers, or a fluffy well-made dressing gown. Primark do a great selection of winter warmers, and as the weather gets cooler she’ll be sure to appreciate this Christmas gift.

It’s also worthwhile noting over sized scarfs, gloves, or hats are always going to be appreciated for the cooler months, so whilst you’re in Primark picking up your lounge-wear it may be worth looking at their outwear too! Zara, H&M and New Look also have a variety available.

For the girly girl

You know the drill, gift sets are a fail safe option. I personally love receiving gift sets as it feels like you get lots of gifts for the price of one. They’re a great introduction to a brand, or even just nice to stock up for the year ahead. If your budget is on the smaller side why not get crafty and create your own gift sets! A lot of the time (especially with Lush) the pre made gift sets cost more than the individual products. To save money choose your own selection of products (you could even buy a selection of minis) buy some pretty wrapping or a box with ribbon and you’re pretty much good to go.

For the one that spends a lot of time at her desk

Stationery. Paper chase have a lovely selection of stationery that would make a quirky gift for friends or family. People always appreciate good stationery, even now in my working life I love to have a pretty notepad it brightens up my desk and makes looking at my horrendous ‘to do’ list a little more bearable. You could even buy them a personalised planner or calendar for 2015!

…And the rest

Perfume – for most girls this one is always a fail safe. Perfume is a very personal thing to buy though so if you’re not entirely sure what she likes I’d do some digging!

Tea - If she’s a tea lover why not purchase a lovely printed mug. Emma Bridgewater have some beautiful designs. You could even build your own box; include a mug and a selection of her favourite tea or even new brands of tea to try! Any tea enthusiast will be more than chuffed with the thought.

Just a few ideas that hopefully may inspire some of you who are still a bit stumped on what to buy the. A lot of these gifts are small, so this may be more of a stocking filler gift guide. Although it sounds cheesy it really is the thought that counts! I always take the following approach when buying gifts buy two gifts, something the person NEEDS and something the person WANTS. I’ve stuck to this logic when buying gifts for years and it always seems to do the trick.

What gifts will you be buying for the girls in your life? 

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